The menu and the general feel of the restaurant reflect the Turkish background of Hayri Tutuncuoglu.  

At the end of an extensive research and dedicated creative process,the second floor of the fashionable VIP sections is Turkish, sleek and stylish. The restaurant is best furniture and a stunning wooden. Open and closed area for serving 600 people. It has 3 different menus ( fried chicken menu, hamburger menu, pizza menu ) and the meat products used are completely halal. 

Embrace the cultural differences that make the area special and express the "Rich & Vibrant" character of the region in your cooking.Truly embrace the saying: "No Farmer, No Food, No Future". Support the producers that do a good and honest job. Make use of the products that have been produced respecting the land, sea, mountains and animals. Behold the future and use the science.

And we also offer custom made solutions for your private event. Our highly trained staff has broad experience for birthdays, company parties, business lunches. Alcohol is not sold in our facility. 

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